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Fast Graphics

Sometimes fast graphics means poor graphics but not here. For more than 25 years we have produced some of the best graphics in the world.

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Fitting Services

Quite a lot of what we do needs fitting. In the past we relied on outside contractors but not anymore if it's produced in the house it should be fitted in the house and that's what we do.

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Making Things

In-house production is at the heart of our business. We have skilled people, joiners, 3-D designers, and of course 3-D printers. We make things!

What have we been up to...

Scarborough Seafront Stainless Steel Interpretation

Scarborough, Real history comes to life.

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Above: The outdoor museum informing us what's under our seas.
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Scarborough, stainless steel interpretation wall.

Personally I love Scarborough and this interpretation wall just adds something different and something full of information that most of us did not know. The sea life around our coast is incredible and this gives us a little bit more information about what we have.

Love With Light Portraits

Portraits With A Difference

My love of children came before my love of photography. As a social worker for 17 years in foster care and adoption, I was all too aware of the many children still looking for a forever family. I asked my sister who was rated the best children's photographer in Boston to help me show our communities the children who wait. She suggested I do it myself and she would teach me.

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Today I use my knowledge of child development and F stops and ISO's to play with children at my pink cottage and capture memories that last a lifetime. I am so lucky!

I know from being a Mom myself that even though sometimes the day might seem endless, the time spent with your children go by in an instant. The memories my sister captured of my little boy are my most treasured possessions. 

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Our Client

If you thought every photograph has been taken, every angle used. Think again. This very special project undertaken by Love With Light Portraits is something else.

Lightbox & LED Lightsheets

Worcestershire Cathedral

Light through graphics is nothing new, but most people think of this method of display as lightboxes, bulky, awkward and not the best looking. Well, we like to think outside the box, and the image on the left is of Worcester Cathedral undercroft. The problem was that the lighting in the undercroft was not befitting such a beautiful interesting place, the graphics boards were old and needed replacing. We came up with the idea of illuminated interchangeable tapestries, printed on quite a special fabric and LED lighting.

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Our Client

Working with Christianity in Culture from York and their designers the final product looks amazing.

Amazing Interiors Back To Life

Darlington Hippodrome

This is an amazing place, fully refurbished and no creative idea spared. The interior designer and head of design was a great friend of mine Colin Williams. Colin constructed a design plan and we delivered it to the letter.

The images hang on a cable system designed by Colin and myself with spring loaded moveable hangers to the rear. The whole system is multi layered and all different sizes on the same system.

Lighting was the most beautiful LED lights and so fitting for such a building. All the exterior glass had graphics from contra vision to clear printed materials that let light through in the day and turn into giant Lightbox's at night.

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Our Client

Working with Colin Williams Design, this theatre really came to life and has been critically acclaimed for its design and execution. Loved by theatregoers from near and far it was a real pleasure to work with so many amazing people.

Exterior Signage And A Wonderful College.

Notre Dame College.

Notre Dame College is in the heart of Leeds. This is one of the best universities in the country and we had the pleasure of delivering an exterior and an interior solution to their signage needs. This is a large university with a campus spread out over many acres. One of the main problems is orientating the students so that they can navigate their way to the buildings they need.

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Our Client

Working with the marketing manager over many years we have established a look and a quality of signage for this university that is both in keeping and just works.

Three Bridges, Stockton.

Stockton Shopping Centre.

The three bridges in Stockton shopping centre are both iconic and loved by the people of Stockton. Using artworks provided this was probably one of the most difficult installs we have ever undertaken.

Very cold weather, heavy snow and then heavy rain for weeks hampered the install. However after many weeks of working with the management team we got there in the end and we think they look rather splendid. We used specialist vinyls and laminate to provide a long-lasting enhancement to these bridges.

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Our Client

Working with the marketing manager over many years we have established a look and a quality of signage for this university that is both in keeping and just works.

Spurn Point Wild Places Interpretation

Interpretation, Spurn Point.

How would you describe Spurn point? Most people don't even know where it is, in fact most people have never heard of Spurn Point. And yet this is one of the wildest places in the United Kingdom, both beautiful and alluring but always wild.

Thousands of people visit Spurn Point every year both to find wildlife and more importantly to find themselves. Spurn Point is a place where you get lost in your own thoughts, Watch the most incredible wildlife from birds to whales, its all at Spurn.

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Our Client

Working with the marketing manager over many years we have established a look and a quality of signage for this university that is both in keeping and just works.

Hartlepool Railway Station VIP LOUNGE

Special Graphics for a special place

Hartlepool VIP Lounge is a very nice place indeed. The lounge is a window into our railway heritage with many features looking back into our Victorian past. This Does not mean it's without all the mod cons. Touch phone chargers with the latest RF charging are all over the lounge and super fast internet is available

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Our Client

Working with JMD Rail, all the ideas came from myself and Jonathan Davis. artworks by others designers were used in this very collaborative space (ship).

We made a false window frame with a view into the victorian street beyond, a street that is still there but has changed quite a bit.

Bathrroom showroom

Graphics that bend around corners!

Have you ever seen graphics mounted to board that bend round corners? Well you have now, the graphics below are mounted to 5 mm PVC and they bend around the corners. They are mounted to the wall so they float off the surface of the wall by at least 10mm. A very effective technique indeed.

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All the graphics Above and Below were produced and printed on Epiflex removable vinyl. When the vinyl is removed there is no residue left behind, none at all.

Our Client

We were asked to produce graphics that perhaps may not have been seen before, that created interest and even a talking point. They were several techniques used, this involves graphics around corners, soft hanging graphics that people could touch, and graphics that stuck to glass but when removed they left no residue. This we achieved this using techniques we had been using for over 40 years.

It's all about Sound!


The World Of Sound

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Above: the above shows four of the pods side by side with telephone headset on the side, instructions for listening on the front.
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Museum audio units

This commission from a Yorkshire Dales Museum is all about dialect in Yorkshire, from the past. The idea is you can dial the past and listen to actual Yorkshire Farmers, milkmaids, cheesemakers and other trades. This highlights the amazing diversity in our language and words we simply do not use today.

These units were all designed and manufactured in our factory here in Leeds. The museum appointed a graphic designer from the locality and they designed all the graphics on the pods as well as thirty museum interpretation panels, we did all the printing and mounting and we made it so it could all be self installed.

Interaction with visitors

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Adel Dams

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust are superb educators, they have the ability to teach in a way that's fun and easy to understand and at Adel Dams nature reserve in Leeds they have done just that. Ark Display played their part of course in the production and installation of the interpretation and signage. Take a look at the images below and see what you think.

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Our Client

Working with the design team at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, we manufactured, printed and fitted the entire site. One of the amazing things about being involved with this kind of facility is seeing the public react to what you are doing.

Keeping Everyone Focused

Production focus wall

Keeping everyone focused in large production environments can be a real challenge. Our client designed this wall for his client and we produced and installed it. This has been a huge success.

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Our Client

Our client is one of West Yorkshire's best designers. It is not just Design, he builds strategies and develops mechanisms in order for his clients to engage with their employees and visitors.

A Fresh New Face

York Castle Museum

I have been working with York Castle museum & The Yorkshire Museum for over 35 years. The signage we have installed this year, replaces the signs I did 22 years ago. New posters in cleaned up older frames and poster cases installed when I was much younger than I am now. Really great to see an old friend get a facelift.

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Our Client

The mighty Castle Museum & Yorkshire Museum Gardens. A great old friend full of great older friends.

Outdoor Exhibition

Outdoor Tutankhamun exhibition, Durham, 2023

At the time of writing, the exhibition has been in Durham for a few weeks. The frames and bases are manufactured from aluminium and powder coated, the bottom of each frame is a tray. In winter, when the winds are high, and the rain falls incessantly, concrete slabs are used to support stability. During the summer months these can be removed and plants planted, giving them a very different softer look.

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Our Client

Working with the team at the Durham Oriental Museum, Dr Craig and Dr Rachel Barclay, authorities on all things oriental and now have managed to bring this amazing exhibition to fruition in Durham.

Remarkable service.

Exceptional quality.

At Ark Display Graphics we take your gorgeous designs and put them together with our exceptional quality to make beautiful things. Beautiful things come in all shapes and sizes made from a multitude of materials. We work with hundreds of materials including over 50 with excellent green credentials most of which started life as a recycled product and will end up as a recycled product. We take this very seriously.

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