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We Control Our Waste

We try very hard to recycle, reuse and even re-purpose our waste. The truth is that all businesses create waste and some of this waste needs to be dealt with by specialist companies. We have partnered for many years with B&M waste and recycling. Click below to download our certificate or follow the link to find out even more. B&M waste.

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Fitting Team

All our fitters are fully trained by an external company right here in Leeds.

This ensures that our fitting is 2nd to none. We are fully insured and all our fitters carry the necessary licenses. We have licenses for many kinds of machinery including scissor lifts, boom lifts and articulated lifts. See our fitting page for more.

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Please Visit Us

We are more than happy for you to visit us, inspect us, look at what we do and look at what we can do for you. Many of our customers do this and we welcome it. Our customers become part of our DNA.

Leeds Sign company for 35 Years.

We have been manufacturing signs for 35 years, 25 of those years on the same site here in Leeds. We have manufactured tens of thousands of signs for thousands of uses. All of this is done in house, and we have in house fitters with all the necessary training and equipment. Take a look below at a small number of highlighted types of signage all done recently.

Signs with a vision

Graphics walls and light box's

Qbol, are one of the most forward thinking and dynamic companies in the country.

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Our Client

Working with the managing director and his team, they established the design style which was very effective. We produced and fitted everything including outside light box's

Site and Student Information

Internal Signs for Information & direction.

Leeds Trinity University is one of the most dynamic and progressive universities in the country and so is the design team. We have worked with the design team for many years manufacturing and fitting graphics for both interior and exterior applications. Below is a few of their inventive designs and applications.

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Our Client

Working with many people across the site from the student union to the entire design team to bring very high quality informative graphics and directional signage. Fitting of these graphics is mostly undertaken by Ark Display Graphics.

Interior Signage

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

We are very proud to have been associated with this venue for many years. The venue is rich in talent and offers divers exhibitions to tens of thousands of visitors each year. Information delivery is paramount, directional information, exhibition and visitor information is key for the smooth running of this very busy international parkland.

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Our Client

Working with key people in many departments we have to respond and respond fast. This is a very fast moving environment.

Special signs for a very special place.

Foxglove Covert Nature Reserve.

The signage in the images below were all designed and manufactured by Ark Display Graphics. The graphic design and narrative we're all done by Room For Design a design agency based in North Yorkshire.

Manufactured from stainless steel with folded edges so we don't get any little cut fingers the signs are guaranteed for 30 years.

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Our Client

Working directly with the British Army and Major Tony Crease. Major Crease and his wife have been the driving force behind foxgloves for many years. They took this barren land and turned it into one of the best nature reserves in the country. Famed for bird bringing the world over. We were very proud to work on this particular resource the "outdoor learning room". The amazing graphics well once again designed by Room For Design in Northallerton.

Signs dont have to cost the earth.

Zena Bee's Cafe

Signs do any number of things, they inform, orientate. They can be nailed to fences, screwed to walls and hung from ceilings. The signage in the pictures for this particular cafe were manufactured and fitted by us. Zena Bee's is a community cafe employing young people who would otherwise be unemployed. When designing signage it is important to get everything right, the fonts and colours used are just as important as naming the cafe.

This striking design really works and makes this cafe really stand out. Good design used effectively is definitely the key.

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Our Client

Working with the team at Zena Bee's and there chosen graphic designer this striking design really works to brighten up this wonderful community cafe.

Special Signage for special places.

Coventry Cathedral

Sometimes you are asked to do something that pushes you outside your comfort zone. The signage below is one of those, manufactured from bronze and stainless steel with beautiful graphics, these signs are not just special, they are in a special place.

Below the signs are tombs, tombs of very special people from our past. In a multi million pound project to restore a magnificent floor in the old ruin of Coventry Cathedral with the sealed graves below.

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Our Client

Working with Christianity and culture on this amazing project.

Something Different & Unusual.

The Wolseley Centre

The Wolseley Centre is the home of Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. The centre houses their offices, public engagement spaces, a cafe and a wildlife centre.

The signs are part of a multi million pound extension, refit and refresh of the whole area. With new car parking facilities, wildlife walks and a place to relax.

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Our Client

Working with Yorkshire wildlife trust and Staffordshire wildlife trust to deliver something quite unique.

Things You May Be Interested In!

Signs that direct to stay safe

Echem. Leeds.

Echem have been a customer of ours for more than 20 years. The management team know what they want, are very decisive and fully hands-on when it comes to the design of the signs, the fonts used and the colours. They spend a lot of time looking at signage and how effective it is and if something is not working they make changes. All the signs are washable using off-the-shelf chemical cleaners and a manufactured to last a very long time.

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Our Client

Working with the managing director, we established the design style which was simple and effective. The signs needed to be easy to read from the cab of a lorry entering the site. Although not multilingual the design needs to be understood quickly and effectively by foreign drivers.

Lectern Signs

Metal & Wooden Lectern Signs

We can manufacture signs of all types, from the very simple to the very complex. We can work in metals like Aluminium, Steel, Corton and of course woods of all types. We are one of the cheapest in the industry for quality signs of this type.

Stacks Image 968

Wooden Lecterns complete with graphics delivered in ten days.

Stacks Image 971

Aluminium Lecterns are powder coated in colours of your choice


Coventry Cathedral:

This was a very special installation due to the location above the tombs. We had to obtain ancient monument fitting status and show that we are capable of fitting in these extreme circumstances.

Parkland and temporary signs

Temporary low cost signs

Signs don't have to cost the earth especially if they are short term installations, but that doesn't mean they look rubbish either.

Short term signs that look great!

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Remarkable service.

Exceptional quality.

At Ark Display Graphics we take your gorgeous designs and put them together with our exceptional quality to make beautiful things. Beautiful things come in all shapes and sizes made from a multitude of materials. We work with hundreds of materials including over 50 with excellent green credentials most of which started life as a recycled product and will end up as a recycled product. We take this very seriously.

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