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We Control Our Waste

We try very hard to recycle, reuse and even re-purpose our waste. The truth is that all businesses create waste and some of this waste needs to be dealt with by specialist companies. We have partnered for many years with B&M waste and recycling. Click below to download our certificate or follow the link to find out even more. B&M waste.

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Fitting Services

We can fit your graphics and signs for you and we have lots of experience. Our fitters are just that, ours, not contractors. They are all fully trained and carry all the necessary tickets from working at height, IPAF licences to work from scissor lifts, spiders and more. We have CSCS licences for working within the construction industry frameworks.

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Making Things

Making things is easy, making things that are functional, interesting and do the job is a little harder. We have the ability and the know-how so just ask.

Acoustic sound absorbing panels. With beautiful images, Your images printed onto them.


Does your room echo, does the sound boom so much that you can't hear yourself think. There is a solution and these are called acoustic panels. We manufacture them in house and we can print any image to any size for any room. And the best part is they work. If you want to kill sound then give us a call.


We are leading the way with our in house range of acoustic sound absorbing panels. Any size for any room, manufactured, delivered and fitted by our in house team.

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Printing in full colour onto frosted glass.



Designed to educate using fun concepts, these interactive have proved very very popular and the amount of time people are spending inside the cathedral has grown to a level only dreamed about.

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Above: these very stylish units are actually jigsaws. Created for the cathedral to highlight the complexity of the stonework, stained glass windows and woodwork. These jigsaws draw your attention to the final detail within the cathedral.

Wakefield Cathedral

Being brave, thinking outside the box, this is what brings results. We worked with the amazing Christianity and Culture to design and deliver these units. The whole process was great fun and everybody at the cathedral put their full weight behind it.

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Above and right: this is a double sided LED illuminated stained glass rubbing and colouring unit. You take a piece of A3 paper place it over the illuminated section and make a rubbing of the led tracery. You then go to the other side of the unit and colour in your masterpiece.
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Remarkable service.

Exceptional quality.

At Ark Display Graphics we take your gorgeous designs and put them together with our exceptional quality to make beautiful things. Beautiful things come in all shapes and sizes made from a multitude of materials. We work with hundreds of materials including over 50 with excellent green credentials most of which started life as a recycled product and will end up as a recycled product. We take this very seriously.

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