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We Control Our Waste

We try very hard to recycle, reuse and even re-purpose our waste. The truth is that all businesses create waste and some of this waste needs to be dealt with by specialist companies. We have partnered for many years with B&M waste and recycling. Click below to download our certificate or follow the link to find out even more. B&M waste.

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Fitting Services

We can fit your graphics and signs for you and we have lots of experience. Our fitters are just that, ours, not contractors. They are all fully trained and carry all the necessary tickets from working at height, IPAF licences to work from scissor lifts, spiders and more. We have CSCS licences for working within the construction industry frameworks.

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Making Things

Making things is easy, making things that are functional, interesting and do the job is a little harder. We have the ability and the know-how so just ask.

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Too many companies think our environment is nothing more than a gimmick. They believe if they use a clever statements we'll all be fooled into believing they're a good company. A company who cares about the environment, cares about the planet, and maybe even cares about others.

Our Environment

At Ark Display Graphics we are committed to the prevention of
pollution and reducing the impact of our printing activities on the
environment. In order to strive towards meeting this commitment
during the manufacture and delivery of our products and

services we will:

  • Save Somthing!

    Well, the fact is that we had a preprepared statement to put in here but to be frank it's meaningless without action. We go way beyond most other printing companies and every day we evolve. We genuinely care passionately about not producing waste unnecessarily. We continue to push our environmentally friendly products and alternatives to everyone we meet. We have a massive range of alternative printing substrates, some of these look like Plastics but are not. Please talk to us, ask us questions and challenge us about what we are doing. The more you question the more things will change.

  • Why plastic?

    We need to change, we have the resources and we have the technology we have got products that look like Plastics, behave like Plastics, but are definitely not Plastics. We changed all the lightbulbs in our factory to energy-efficient LEDs these are big bulbs and the old one did use lots of energy. I looked up at these and felt proud for about 10 seconds. I knew we had to go further, much further. We now have more alternative environmentally friendly products than any other printer and we are a tiny company, what could the big boys do? If you use other printers, question them.

  • Do Your Bit.

    We encourage people to visit us either in person or using one of the many video calling apps. We support and work for many wildlife and environmental companies some of this work can be found on this very website. We are far from perfect, but we are trying. Ask to see our alternative printing materials, look at what we are doing and question, question everything. There are plenty of companies out there doing their thing and some of these are very good. We purchase most of our printing materials from one such company and they have built their reputation on caring for the environment and passing it on to smaller companies like us. We intend to work with them to bring you the products so you can make informed choices about what you purchase.

What Have Ark Display Done?


We started our journey back in 2009, printing inks were solvent based. The solvent was deemed low by the environment agency and of least concern. We needed an alternative so we started paying for what was a tiny amount of ink waste to be recycled. This led to us looking for a real alternative to solvent based inks.

Hewlett Packard were looking to set up a team to help and develop an ink set for future printing machines, these inks would be water based. I ended up on that team in an advisory capacity.

Eco inks were born, and within six months I was changing all my machines to eco-Inks. Since then we have recycled as much Waste as we can, this is mostly paper and wood.

Our lighting systems and our electricity are not just eco-but economical, we still need a few old fashion lights but mainly our factory is LED both internally and externally.


It's all doom and gloom right? Absolutely not, don't panic, the human race is very resourceful if sometimes very slow to act. We have the Solutions, we have the technology and we don't all have to become skateboard carrying eco-warriors. We just have to use our brains and our resources in a better way.


If you're buying print, the chances are you're buying plastic. Is purchasing plastic based products avoidable? Not really is the real answer, we live in a plastic world. But we are learning, the world of plastic manufacturing is constricting but the products look we are purchasing is expanding!

How can this be? Well, plastics manufacturers are not stupid and they realise that the alternative to Plastics, that looks like Plastics and behave like Plastics are commercially very viable. This is why every week we see alternative to Plastics that do just that.

We are very proud of what we have achieved and what we can offer to our customers, plastic free products that behave in the way we want, that print in the way we want and above all cost roughly the same.


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Ask about our plastic free alternatives to your everyday needs. Talk to us about your concerns and I am sure that we can help with the real alternatives.

This is a work in Progress

Remarkable service.

Exceptional quality.

At Ark Display Graphics we take your gorgeous designs and put them together with our exceptional quality to make beautiful things. Beautiful things come in all shapes and sizes made from a multitude of materials. We work with hundreds of materials including over 50 with excellent green credentials most of which started life as a recycled product and will end up as a recycled product. We take this very seriously.

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